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A view of the new Schwaback Concert HallThe Henselt room at the museum houses the first editions and archives of Richard Beattie Davis and Dr. Oscar Stollberg. The Davis collection of original letters has been enhanced by new purchases by the archive as well as over 100 pages of photocopies obtained by Gillian Davis from libraries around the world.  Trudy Papiano's Family TreeTrudy (Henselt/WeilPapiano Her lineage is shown on the following family tree. Teresa Veil - Vaudeville
It is hard to contemplate the fact that the great-great niece of this revered composer and teacher was at one time a pianist for a Vaudeville act in New York. However, that is what is shown in this photograph c.1928. We are indebted to Trudy for sharing this photograph of her mother, Theresa (Henselt) Weil with us.
Henselt Postcard Front viewHenselt Postcard - backcourtesy of Wurliztzer-Bruck 1989 Meeting1989 meeting of Jürgen Söllner, Richard and Gillian Davis Letter to International Piano MagazineLetter to International Piano Magazine May/June 2009
StatueThe Henselt statue in Schwabach Henselt PortraitA portrait of Adolf Henselt Henselt NotesHenselt notes
Daniel Grimwood Henselt IntroductionA Practical Introduction by Daniel Grimwood - English Translation now available.    



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