Henseltfest 2008

2008 June Saturday 14th and Sunday 15th. `Romantic Nights under the stars` with a laser light show. Featuring Schwabach chamber choir, violinist Martina Trumpp, dual pianists -Wolfgang Manz and his wife Julia Goldstein, Klaus Jaeckle, guitar, Hornquartet Michael Lösch, Fabian Borchers, Stefan Schaller und Leszek Waskowsky, Members of the Nuremberg Philharmonic Orchestra.

Sunday matinee piano recital by Natalia Keil-Zenzerova.
2008 work about Henselt presented by the archivist, Gebhard Kindl.

Showing of the master work `Beauty of Belaieff` by the Honourary president, Richard Beattie Davis.







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