Henselt Activities in 2014

November  8th, 2014. will be the final 2014 gathering in Schwabach. There will be a walk - "Henselt and his time" (or similar) - a guided tour of the city. Beginning at about 1300 hours at the birthplace, ending at the Museum around 14:30 (guests welcome!)

Starting at 15:00 hours the meeting of the International Henselt Society will take place (participants of the Walk, who are not members may remain in the museum.

19.30 in the Burger House there will be special concert for the 125th. anniversary of Henselt`s death. Daniel Grimwood will be playing Op.1 Donizetti Variations and the Ballade Op.31. In addition, the Horn Duo Op.14 and some Henselt Lieder will also be presented plus Glazunov, Gliere and Scriabin. Full details of artists and repertoire from….. http://www.schwabach.de/kultur/festivals/163097.html

August 30 - September 27, 2014 - The Brenchley Proms  This year marks the 200th anniversary of the birth of Adolf von Henselt. This year’s proms will celebrate by performing his complete Chamber Music. This year's first concert will celebrate the life of James Naylor and will raise awareness and funds for Safe, established in October 2011 in his memory. http://safekent.org.uk/ - The Proms were mentioned on BBC Radio 3 and a performance of Henselt's Op.24 is available here

March 26-27th 2014. Atlanta, Georgia. The first Henselt seminar in the USA, organised by Dr.Sergio Gallo at Georgia State University. There will be lectures by Henselt scholars and Daniel Grimwood will be performing solo works and giving a master class. Further details to follow.

May 8-11th 2014. Schwabach, Bavaria. Henseltfest in the town of his birth. Activities will include .....


Two anniversaries in one year: Details at http://www.schwabach.de/henselt/index.html

In 2014 there will be the 200th anniversary of the composer and piano virtuoso Adolf von Henselt. His native town Schwabach will organize a Henselt Festival for this anniversary. Finally, in October there will be the 125th anniversary of the composer’s death.
Festival in May
The Music Festival includes concerts, lectures and exhibitions for musicians, scholars and Henselt connoisseurs.
The program includes the following items:
8th May 2014 “Bürgerhaus”: Concert performed by the municipal “Adolph-von-Henselt Musikschule” with opera from Henselt and his contemporaries.
9th May 2014 “Stadtmuseum”: Walking concert – young musicians explore Henselt and interpret him in a new line of approach – in cooperation with “Metropolmusik e.v.”.
9th or 10th May 2014 Opening of the Henselt Room in the “Stadtmuseum”.
9th or 10th May 2014 “Markgrafensaal”: Gala Concert performing the Henselt concerto opus 16 (pianist: Daniel Grimwood, accompanied by the “Schwabacher Kammerorchester”), choral pieces and other musical contributions.
11th May 2014 “Bürgerhaus”: Matinée with Daniel Grimwood and Dr Lucian Schiwietz – lecture with musical accompaniment.

If you have any news or Henselt enquiries that you would like to communicate to the members, please contact info@henseltsociety.org








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