HenseltFest 2010


September/October 2010


2nd. Richard Beattie Davis memorial Recital  September 5th. 2010

Although the ‘Henseltfest’ was abruptly and very sadly cancelled in Schwabach, there were Henselt activities in England. These came under the heading of ‘Henselt Days’, after discussions with various people who are interested in propagating and performing the music of Henselt. Gillian Davis had commissioned a quartet arrangement of the ‘Ave Maria Op.5 #4’ from Annette Isserlis in memory of the late honorary president of the Henselt Society, Richard Beattie Davis. The premičre performance was given to a full audience in St.Nicholas Church, Sandhurst, Kent, by the ‘Belaieff Quartet’. The distinguished artists were Ken Aiso (1st.violin) Daniel Weatherley (2nd. Violin) Annette Isserlis (viola) Robert Truman (‘cello) The quartet arrangement brought a hush before anyone broke the spell with enthusiastic applause. 

October 9th.  Daniel Grimwood (pf) and Jamie Walton (‘cello) performed in Sandhurst. They played the duo arrangement of the ‘Ave Maria’ and, again, there was a hush before anyone wanted to clap. This was commissioned from Daniel Grimwood in memory of Richard and was to have been premičred in Schwabach. 

Jamie Walton has scheduled the ‘Ave Maria’ for his ‘North York Moors Chamber Festival’ on August 19th 2011, so it is taking on a life of its own! It is possible that both arrangements will be published, but, in the meantime, they should be available from the archive.

July 2010

Henselt-Festival 2010

Ladies and Gentlemen,

As a result of the economic crisis and the ensuing requested savings measures budgeted funds were dramatically cut. The remaining insufficient funds do not allow a festival to be carried out in the usual quality.

The many suggestions and requests cannot be realised with the reduced funds at our disposal.

For this reason the 2010 Henselt-Festival cannot take place. We deeply regret this and ask for your understanding.

For the members’ meeting a separate invitation will be sent.

With best regards,

Stefan Hofmann and Roland Schmid, Chairmen of the Board.


If you have any news or Henselt enquiries that you would like to communicate to the members, please contact info@henseltsociety.org








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